THINK Program

A preschool program only found at Explorers Academy!

Explorers Academy understands that all parents want teachers and caregivers that treat their children like they’re family, putting their wellbeing and proper development as their highest priority. At Explorers Academy, your child’s accomplishments are met with celebration and challenges are met with compassionate solutions.

That’s who we are, as teachers and caregivers, at Explorers Academy. We’re here to make sure that your child gets the best learning opportunities for their age group whether that be educational, creative or social.

To ensure these positive results for your children, and to prepare them for kindergarten, we’ve developed a customized, proprietary program called THINK. Our THINK program is based on lesson plans specifically designed for preschoolers. Our curriculum focuses the children’s attention and learning via letters, numbers, colors and shapes while providing engaging, fun activities. THINK also aligns these learning activities with a weekly theme based on:

Language &





Creative & Logical







Health & Physical


To truly measure each child’s progress throughout the program, THINK conducts three assessments throughout the preschool year; at the start, along the way and as the year concludes. Overall, these assessments help us customize our THINK program to effectively interact and engage with all the children we teach and care for as well as track their progress.

Determine each child’s
learning level with an

Entry Assessment

Determine your child’s
progress through a


Track your child’s
progress through an


More specifically, these assessments enable us to better understand a child’s preferred learning style and level to ensure each child is learning in the way that is most suitable for them. At Explorers Academy, we expect and embrace the different learning levels and styles as it leads to a more dynamic learning environment.

Our goal is to help your children love to learn by making it as fun and enjoyable as possible. It is through cultivating a love for learning early in life that children will develop into bright, engaged minds thereby enriching their communities.

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